"I had been admiring Joey's work for years and after a lot of purchase considerations I finally reached out to him about a custom Beta J15-10 build. We had plenty of insightful discussions about what my needs were, and what I was looking for. Joey is one of the most customer driven people I've ever worked with (even before I was a customer). When the day finally arrived and I received my new bass it exceeded all that I could have imagined! The fit and finish of this bass are pure quality and in terms of play-ability, it's smooth as silk. I've had nothing but compliments on the looks and the tone. It is a truly amazing instrument and exactly what I wanted. It's the most quiet passive bass I own - punchy right where I need it to be with tight low end for days. The huge range of tone options are right there at my fingertips and I've never had it on any stage where I was less than blown away with the sound. When GAMMA introduced their high mass bridge, I purchased one and installed it; that was the icing on the cake. This bass is all class and a true performer. It's perfectly balanced and weighs in at a mere 7 pounds 4 ounces. There isn't a thing I could ask for as an improvement - Joey builds an incredible bass guitar!"

- John Toth, Providence, RI


"Last night I was givin this killer black Bass from @gamma_bass_guitars it has Punchy Low end and a clear even tone all around, I highly recommend anyone who’s serious about bass playing to check these out….
Thank you so Much @josephmilstein the Bass is awesome !! Looking forward to playing it both live and in the studio."

- Johnny Pisano, Brooklyn, NY


"Thank you so much, Joe for the amazing bass and support! The Gamma has such a great feel and will be at our shows moving forward…I love it! 

- Fredo Grado, Westchester, NY


"Ordered my new Gamma about a month ago. I immediately loved how it played and sounded at home. Yesterday I used it live for the first time playing for the masses who came out for the solar eclipse in Erie, PA. Can’t say enough about how great it sounded in the mix. Punchy but plenty of bottom. Our sound man loved it. I’ve owned and played just about everything, bang for the buck this is hard to beat. I’ll be saving for another one."

- Bob Catalde, Erie, PA


"I’ve owned a lot of Jazz and Precision styles basses in my time, ranging from entry level basses up to professional and beyond into collector bass categories. Of all the basses I’ve had, the Gamma Beta J16-04, is the easiest to play, the neck is so smooth it makes Tom Cruise look awkward. I love the white on white simplistic vibe and of course maple fretboards will always be cool. If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d like to get a Jazz (or P bass for that matter) but I want it in that colour, with that kind of neck etc. etc.” then just check out Gamma, you’ll get what you want and you won’t have to sell the kids to get it. Gamma basses are boutique quality make no mistake, but boutique quality at excellent value prices that just cannot be beaten. Why buy anything else? Go Gamma."

 - Adam Rigg, London, England


"Amazing Bass!  The band loves it! Thanks so much! Amazing!"

- Jesse Smith-Adam, Toronto, Canada


"I love my Gamma Bass- HOLY COW! When i plug in my GAMMA bass, I am just floooored at the tone!  This baby is a beast!  The tone is punchy but warm with exceptional definition. i can feel and hear every note. I’m sold!  Thanks, Joey"

 - Rockelle Cakes (a/k/a Cakey Ramone), Woodstock, NY


"Amazing basses.  I have 3 GAMMA Basses.  I highly recommend GAMMA!"

 - Reinaldo Rochas, Minas Gerais, Brasil


"This bass is fantastic! Finally got home and am spending time with it. It sounds as good as it looks. Thanks again for selling it to me. Can’t wait to take it out and give it a workout live."

- Rob Wingler, Toms River, NJ 


"I love it a lot, feels amazing and I can get great tones from it!" 

 - Cameron Wescott, Johns Isle, South Carolina


"GAMMA Rocks!  Thanks Joey Milstein"

- Rob Micucci, Hartsdale, NY


"She’s a beauty! Sounds great! Great sustain! I love it!  I am really happy with it! Sounds great with the Band!"


- Bob Chaney, Hudsonville MI 


"I'm loving the bass and am saving up to buy another from you.  I love your pickups?  They have more high end than typical p-bass pickups and I really dig it."

- Jeremy Barnes, Lakewood, OH



"The instrument is a dream. I’ve never had either a 5string bass or a high-end bass (let alone a custom build) and this blew my expectations so far. It plays itself. I hear awesome overtones and harmonica that I’ve never perceived when playing a bass. The tone is superb and the fat neck feels very comfortable to wrap my hand around."

- Alberto Chapa, Austin, TX


"I love this bass!  Thank you Joey!"

- Bill Handerhan, Asbury Park, NJ 



"It plays and sounds fantastic, you've done an incredible job! Thanks again for building me such a stunning bass - really happy with it, can't wait for the world to go back to normal so I can get out and play it. My band mates were impressed as well"

- Andy Pancheri, Staffordshire, United Kingdom





"The bass sounds like a dream and plays great!  I love it"

 - Robert Abdon, Woodlands, TX



"Your bass is clearly my best 5 string bass! It plays so easily! I was suprised how easy and good it is too for slap bass, even on the B string. I didn't expect it because I associate slap more with a jazz bass. I'll gladly spread the Gamma word around! Which DR strings are those? Sunbeams? They play great."

- Sabine Vermeylen, Gent, Belgium


"Sweeet!  This thing is bad-ass!  Thank you Joey.   Plays and sounds phenomenal !  A winner....Thanks again."

- Richard Smolen, Lyndhurst, NJ  


"I just love this awesome beast!  Thanks Joseph Milstein and GAMMA Bass Guitars!"
- Yasser Morales, Miami, FL
"This thing ROCKS!, I put the bass through a 4 hr band rehearsal today... and she sounds amazing plugged into my SVT !! Thanks again!"
- Bill Coleflesh, Connellsville, PA



"Thanks Joey.  I looks and sounds great.  Its an awesome Bass!"

- Ryan Meszaros, Granite City, IL


"I love this bass.  I had to have it!"

- Neil Spencer, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 


"Played it last night at Rehearsal. Sounded fantastic in my iem. It passed the rehearsal audition with flying colors. I’m gonna play it live in front of a few thousand people today at a drive in concert out here in Auburn Ca."

- Ritch Shefke, Auburn, CA 


"Dude---your electronics... They are special. I plugged the pink bass in last night ... it’s one of the best Sounding Basses I’ve ever played.... whatever design those pickups are it’s sick.  Wow. It’s a badass bass man!!! Plays great feels great, going to do a little recording with it! Thanks so much! I’m blown away how good this bass plays! Thank you so much I’m totally gonna use it for everything!"

- Abraham "Honey Boy" Millett, Miami, FL



"Amazing bass for sure!  I love playing it.  The band loves it too!  Thanks, Joey"

 - Michael (Rocko) Walls, Cardwell, MO



"Just Awesome, Thanks brother! Plays like a dream! Stoked!"

 - Chris Calafiore, Brooklyn, NY



"But its been about a year and I'm still absolutely in love with it."

- Kleon Tran, Irvine, CA


"Thanks Joseph Milstein! I’m happy to be a part of the family! Thanks also for taking the utmost care for my purchase! I’m beyond happy with this Killer Monster of a Bass! Hitting the studio with my 9-piece Funk/Soul band Soul Sherpa in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to record with this bad boy!'

- Ian Draves, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


"It's epic!!! Really is one of a kind! Can't wait to make a video with it!"

 - Sarah Jane Walker, Worcester, United Kingdom



"I can honestly say the day I unboxed it I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was. Plus the added bonus of how beautiful it is in person.  I love this Bass.  Thanks Joey and Gamma."

- William Skoff, Marysville, WA.


"Great playability, smooth neck. Love it!  Mazel Tov! 


- Andrew Keats, Old Bridge, NJ


" Sounds AMAZING Joey! Exactly what I wanted.  Gorgeous Bass and awesome sound.  Thank you so much! Very proud to be part of the GAMMA Family!  It's an honor." 
- Jean Eckhoff, Live Oak, FL


"It's a great bass.  Proud to play it!"

- Jason Littlefield, San Diego, CA



"I love it!  Great low action!"

- Fred Jeffers, Charleston, SC


"This thing ROCKS!  Thanks so much!"
- Rick Harris, Kennewick, WA


"Yesterday was an amazing day meeting with Joey from Gamma Bass Guitars, we had such a great moment. Lil Asmar loves his New GAMMA BASS!  New Jersey is in the house y'all."


- Lil Asmar Johnson, South Plainfield, NJ


"GAMMA makes me very Happy! Killer Tone!  Thank you!"

 - Ruben Montoya, San Diego, CA


"I just love this bass, Thanks GAMMA!"

- Sean Sawyer, Carrollton, TX


"Thank you, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have the bass in my possession I have been watching your page for years. I want to share the Gamma Story with others!"

- George Spero, Lutz, FL


"Thank you!  Iove it..... just the bass I was looking for"
- David Gerogosian, Holly Springs, NC



"I do have to say, I am very impressed with it. I have a huge arsenal of basses, from several Warrior basses to G&L’s to of course Fenders... but I just wanted to let you know the GAMMA is very well built and would stand up to any high end bass."

- Marcus Rameil, Philadephia, PA



"I absolutely LOVE my Gamma Bass. It looks awesome and it sounds even better! Perfect tone, great punch and it's lightweight so I can jump around on stage. I can't get enough of this bass. Best purchase I ever made. Thanks so much, Joe. You rock!"

- Diana Ritter, Wall, NJ 


"I received my GAMMA Custom P18-02 Alpha Model P-Bass (Concord Ivory with a maple board and all-black hardware plus black nylon tape wound strings) earlier this week, and after adjusting the action to my preferred settings I plugged it in and immediately fell in love with the feel and sound!  It not only sounds great, but it is also super-easy to play and nice and lightweight, too at just 7.5 lbs. Joey uses top-notch components and hardware, and the assembly is equal to any bass that you’ll find, including those that cost five times as much.
When I took this bass to rehearsal with my main band last night, I plugged it in and within a half-dozen notes, my drummer yelled out “That’s the sound that I wanted to hear!”  What more can I say?"
- Doug Mael, Philadelphia, PA


"Thank you Joey and GAMMA Bass Guitars....I am going to tell all my friends"

- Asbjørn Karstensen, Hopen, More og Romsdal, Norway


"Joe, I received the bass today.. I am completely blown away .. It’s just incredible in every way..I want to thank you so much and I’m very proud to be part of the gamma family !"

- Mark Roos, Williamstown, NJ


"I fucking love it! It’s got a nice weight to it and the color is fuckn out of this World. You did a great job bro and I can’t wait to show this off. Plays beautifully and I couldn’t be more happier. In fact I will put this up against my Fender custom shop Precision bass any fucking day. In fact I like it better and I paid $4700 for that fucking custom shop P bass. Thanks for the shirt bro I will rock it proudly."
- Paul Malakai Messina, South Plainfield, NJ

"It feels great and looks great.  Thanks Joey & GAMMA.  I want to put these  pickups in all my basses"


"I absolutely love this bass!  Thanks Joey!"

- Chuck Johnson, Boston, MA



"Thanks Joey. My stimulus check went to the right choice stimulating our local economy."

 - Jersey Jake, South River, NJ



"Much Love! It's Great!  Thanks so much!"

- Dave Sloyan, North Plainfield, NJ



" I just picked up my first GAMMA and I know it won’t be my last! Nice comfortable neck and powerful pickup. Plus a million color and customization options to get the perfect bass for a very reasonable price. Very happy to be a part of the family!”

 - Lori (Gangi) Rulfs, Sandown, NH


"I love this bass.  Thanks so much.  A birthday gift for myself"

 - William Ferlauto, Belmar, NJ 


"This work of art even makes me look ok."

-Ron Burchett, Aberdeen, MD



"Próximamente ...
👉Nuevo Video en YouTube de la Academia de bajo eléctrico Online usando @gamma_bass_guitars 🤘👌 - Groove it in 5/4"
- Emilio Rivas, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I love it!  It came out great, sounds great, adjusts great, everything.  Thanks, Joey"

- Sean Rochin, Mesa, AZ


"Love this GAMMA Bass.  Can't wait to take in on tour.  Looks, Feels And Plays Amazing.  Thanks, Joey"

- Zane Carpenter, Cleveland, TN


"I really love my Gamma Alpha P17..no way is this bass a one-trick pony. It has the most expressive tone control I've ever come across in a P bass.
Certainly can't beat the price I got it for. Hey, I've only owned four or five P basses, but this is better than any Fender I've owned...can't wait to get to the recording studio next month and try to out!"
- Joe Delaney, NJ USA
"The Lord works in mysterious ways....and brought me to GAMMA after trying many other brands.  I love this Bass.  Blessings!"
- Emilio Aviles, Bronx, NY

"Looks, feels and sounds Great!"

- Matt Ford, Succasunna, NJ



"Gamma Bass Guitars are cool!  Thanks for making me a family member!  GAMMA GAMMA HEY! 

- Aaron Stingray - Brooklyn NY


"My name is Ronnie Heselmeyer and I’m the bass player for Sterling Country, a country/classic rock band in the central Texas area close to Austin. I’ve been playing bass guitar for almost 45 years now and have played bass with Sterling Country for over 35 years now. I love quality bass guitars as well as vintage bass guitars and as us bass players always do, I’m always looking for the next best thing. I discovered Gamma bass guitars a few years ago online when I saw Andy Irvine playing them in his online videos and saying how great these basses were, so Thank You Andy, Gamma basses are great. I then contacted Joey at Gamma and after a few years of talking back and forth with Joey, I finally bought one, a Gamma Custom J518-01, 5-string Beta Model, Three (3) Tone Burst. I have to honestly say, this is the most awesome sounding and looking custom bass guitar with flawless construction and finish. This bass will serve me well with my band for years to come. As a matter of fact, I’m already interested in buying me a second Gamma, a 4-string purple Jazz bass guitar, because, yes, they’re that good. Thank you Joey for everything and your patience with me the past few years. I’m very honored to be a part of the Gamma family and to continue our friendship."

- Ronnie Heselmeyer, Taylor, TX



"I love this bass!  Its a Beast!  Thank you so much, Joey"

- John Marrotta, Oceanport, NJ



"This thing is AMAZING - I LOVE IT!  Thank you! " 

- Danilo Veljovic, Vancouver, BC, Canada



"Easily one of the best basses I have played in a long time. Love the neck and especially love the body style. It allows me to move the bass around more then my Fenders! Thanks ever so much to Gamma!"

- Larry Lauer, Torrington, CT




"This GAMMA is amazing.  Looks, and Sounds Great!  I love it.. Shipped perfectly to Sweden.  Thanks so much..."


- Rune Alnervik, Visingso, Sweden



"I bought an expensive Fender P recently...compared it to the Gamma and I think the Gamma sounds better. I've never been a P bass guy so i'm giving it a try but the Gamma has more balls w/ a live band IMO...Keep up the good work! "

- Shawn McGovern, Newburyport, MA



"I love this bass!  Thank you so much Gamma Custom Bass Guitars"

 - David Zidek, Baltimore, MD



“This bass is amazing! I ordered it and Joseph Milstein sent it to me in some of the hottest weather this year. Not only did it arrive in pristine condition but it also had a perfect setup. This thing plays like butter. The satin finish on the neck makes it almost play itself. I’m very happy to be a part of the GAMMA Custom Bass Guitars family. “



- Russell Griffith, Batesville, IN



"I absolutely love this explosive GAMMA HH Bass!  Thanks Gamma and Joey!" 

 - Kevin Clark, Oxford, NJ 



"Thanks so much for this Awesome GAMMA Bass!"

- Kenna Hersey, Newark, Delaware


"I recently picked up a Gamma bass in the used market. I was a little nervous buying a bass that I hadn’t played, but I’m glad I did. Even though I didn’t buy it new from Joey, he has treated me as a though I did. He’s quickly responded to my questions and even sent me a new pickguard to replace the one that came on my bass. From the block inlays, to binding, to the weight and custom color, I’ve been so impressed with the craftsmanship of this bass. I’ve received numerous comments on the look and tone of my p bass. If you’re thinking about a Gamma Bass, stop thinking about it, and pull the trigger, you can thank me later!"

 - Justin Gilbert, Charlotte, NC


"Just got her....Gigged her  pretty hard. She performed flawlessly.  Thanks GAMMA"

- Chuck Boggs, Petersberg, WV 


"I just got my first Gamma. It’s a sweet sounding and playing bass! I love it"

- Jeff Lind, Bel Air, MD


 "I was in the market for a P-bass when I stumbled upon Gamma and spent months coveting one. When this beauty went on sale after Thanksgiving, I had to pull the trigger on an early Christmas present for myself. It has a great, punchy tone and plays like a dream. The neck is fast and sleek, while maintaining that classic P chunk. And it looks even better in person than in photos. Those abalone inlays are beyond eye catching."

- Michael Kerr, Bound Brook, NJ


"Joey makes a Luthier quality bass at a price you can afford. I'm impressed with the sound and feel of my P15 custom. The finish and fit rival the big "F" P bass. Coral maple top in a Blue Burst and Canadian maple neck/fretboard plays fast and true. I can't say enough. Love My Gamma! Nuff said."

- John Jackson, New Milford, CT"


"Loving my 9th GAMMA Bass!.  Part of my Harem!"

- Jim DeDeus, Rye, NH



"Joe, played the Gamma last night and am very pleased with the bass. Got a lot of complements from a few bass players and punters that were there.  I love it! Thanks"

- Pete Halpin - Exetor, Devon, United Kingdom 



 "Thank you Joseph Milstein & Gamma Bass Guitars for this amazing Bass!  I love it!  


 - Brian Farr, Lincoln, NE


"I Love My Retro Sonic Blue GAMMA J14... I can attest it is my favorite bass hands down over my American P-bass, and Jaguar bass. Easily one of the most comfortable and best playing basses. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

-Chris Ramos, Fort Lauderdale, FL


 "I first came across Gamma when I was in the market last year for a back-up bass. But the sound and feel of my J16 Signature Psycho "Bruce" Purple Gamma has quickly made it my go to bass for my gigs with Enlightened Rogues. Whether we're playing the blues rock of the Allman Brothers or some funky Stevie Wonder, or anything in between, my Gamma allows me to handle it all. When I show up for a gig, people immediately notice my Gamma's custom paint job; the sound of it then keeps their attention."

- Chris Dinardo, Holmdel, NJ 


"I recently switched to a ...Gamma bass and I'm blown away! I can't begin to tell you how much I love this bass! Joey is fantastic to work with and like us, he has a passion for the bass guitar. Total love goes into the making of these instruments! My Custom GAMMA BASS, plays FLAWLESSLY! Can't say enough about my beautiful Gamma Bass! This is one incredible instrument! Quiet pickups, perfect sound and a great and fast neck!  Everyone should own a Gamma,   I've been playing bass for 35 years and this is easily one of the finest instruments I have ever touched. You would expect to pay at least $2000 for an instrument of this quality. I could not be happier and I would like to encourage all the bass players out there, before you buy anything else, check out Gamma! You'll be glad you did! The look and the quality are second to none.!"

- Doug Boyd, Bowie, TX


"Thank you, Joseph Milstein!
I love my new Gamma bass , it sounds amazing!"

- Luis Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA


I had this weird yet very special Fernandes lawsuit P that was my very favorite bass until it was stolen. The Gamma seems just as special to me and I like it more than the last 4 P's I've owned, including a vintage '76, a Fender CS and a Fender AM STD. By comparing the "Gamma to the Fernandes, I feared it could make the Gamma seem 'cheap' too, which is not the case. It's a very special bass, to be clear!"
Mark Robertson - Goodlettsville, TN


"The GAMMA CUSTOM company and its founder, Joseph Milstein have been most supportive to the Rockit Live Foundation and the young artists in our community. GAMMA CUSTOM bass guitars and guitars hit the Count Basie Theatre stage at each and every Rockit concert. We are thankful for their caring ways in which their product is designed and honored to use them during our concerts.

Thank you!"

- Bruce Gallipani
Founder/Executive Director
Rockit Live Foundation


"I just HAD to have it!!!"

- Jon Dale, Fairfield, Ohio


"When I told Joey what details I was looking for in my Paul Simonon replica bass, I had my doubts as to whether he could nail them all. I was dead wrong. The bass was even better than I imagined! In addition to looking exactly like the Clash's famous bass, it sounds great and has held up perfectly after countless sweaty gigs. If it ever gets smashed in a fit of on-stage rage, I am coming back for another Gamma."


- Carl Regelmann, Pelham, NY


"Thank you so much for the custom "GAMMA" bass you made for me.  I absolutely love it!  It was incredibly kind of you to donate an instrument to me and I am so proud to be able to play it on stage"

- Samantha Balewitz - Middletown, NJ


"Thank you Joey for building me an absolute beast of a Gamma bass. It is the best sounding bass I own (I have 10) and I love the way it thunders through my Ampeg 8x10 SVT. Also, thanks to Phil Van V for convincing me to buy a Gamma. Phil was right - they are killer."

- Bobby Tittle, Los Angeles, CA


"The Bass is absolutely beautiful.... I love it!  Thanks, Joey!"
- Paul Garber, Pine Hill, NJ


"A few years ago I was in the market for a lightweight Jazz style bass and had been seeing Joe's Gamma postings, so I decided to contact him. I played just about every Jazz style bass out there including Lakland, Fender, G&L, Carvin...but nothing had the throaty growl that the Gamma Beta had. And at under 8.5 pounds, it was a back saver. I've owned three Gammas since then and stupidly traded away a beautiful blue Beta that I wish I had back. I don't know where Joe gets the pickups he uses in his basses, but they really are superb. Check out the Youtube video of Jaymi Millard playing the hot pink Gamma Alpha. There is no straight stock P Bass that sounds as kickass as an Alpha. Did I mention they're super light weight?"

- "Super" Mike Sorrentino, Brick, NJ


"Even though I only started playing bass a little while ago, a GAMMA was the perfect fit for me now and while I continue to grow in my skill level!! It looks and feels amazing  with a perfect  setup right out of the box. Joey was very helpful and personable throughout the whole process of ordering and shipping. Wouldn't buy from any other company after experiencing GAMMA Bass Guitars!!"

- Derek Mann, East Hampton, CT


"Being a Precision Bass guy most of my life... It's great to have a Gamma because it's the perfect P [Alpha] bass for me. Thanks Gamma!"

- Dennis Michaels, Baltimore, MD


"It was a great deal and thanks to Joey that I got this beauty in my hand. Everything on the bass is great; the color, the tone, and I am enjoying this sound on my gigs and performances. It has great balance sound on recording as well. Thanks Joey!""


 - Sae Kim, Seoul, Korea


"Love my new custom Gamma Alpha P17. Got to play it last night and could not be happier. This was the best way to get the color and components I wanted all in one package without breaking the bank. Huge sounding with the right amount of growl. Got a lot of compliments at the gig last night. Hard to put this one down!"

- Gary Grzybek, Stillwater, NJ


"My Gamma Custom Alpha Bass has arrived. It's super light and has one of the most comfortable necks I've ever played. It's passive but really has a surprising range. Sometimes less is more. By just rolling off the tone knob you can go from a throaty slappers delight to super warm and thumpy."


- Ryan Lawton, Perry Hall, MD


"My custom Gamma P15 is my go-to for any live show or recording! With bright, explosive pickups, the ultra light Precision style body gives me an incredible and versatile tone. The satin finish on the back of the neck also makes moving along the fretboard a breeze! The quality you receive for the price of a Gamma simply can't be beat!"

- Nick Cantatore, New Hyde Park, NY


"I love my Gamma P16! The tone is so versatile. It fits every recording situation I come up against whether it be country, metal, or jazz. I've also gotten many compliments about how it cuts through the mix live. Plenty of punch while still maintaining solid bottom end. I don't wanna play anything else."

- Melissa Nestor, Chicago, IL


"Gamma basses are everything you want in a boutique brand, but at an affordable price. I first fell in love with the Cadillac Rose Metallic CUSTOM GAMMA J16, which I played at the NJ Guitar and Bass Expo. With its fat tone and beautiful craftsmanship, I couldn't say no. It is now my main and only bass that I play live, and I'm always getting asked about it. I'm forever grateful to be a part of the Gamma family and look forward to owning more of these fantastic basses. Thanks, Joey!"
- Johnny Zabe, Hamilton, NJ 



"I realized the other day that in drawing down my collection of over three dozen basses that I've owned by and large for the past 25 years, that I no longer have anything in it that is classic P bass style. I have a few P/J basses, but nothing that just looks or says P bass.

My qualifications: Professional bassist of 35 years, former label signed, mostly in the alternative/punk/pop genre. I also have a degree in engineering from Rutgers and have worked for several manufacturing companies. I have also owned and played nearly 50 basses in my life so far.

I am also known in the area as a vintage "expert" in locally manufactured basses so in my collection are locally made instruments that go from Danelectro/Silvertone (made in Neptune, NJ), to Ampeg (Linden, NJ), to Kramer (Neptune, NJ) to Guild (Weehawken/Elizabeth, NJ) to Vaccaro/Hartke (Asbury Park, NJ). I currently am endorsed by and have Brubaker basses as well.

Enough about me, now for the review of the Gamma Tuxedo bass.

First, I am primarily a pick player, so Joe made sure the bass was set for me. 
The bass is light but not overly light. Maybe the best weighted P bass I've had for a while, and definitely very long gig worthy. When you hold it you would think it might be neck heavy, but it balances almost perfectly when you sit it on your lap and play sitting. It’s very comfortable in a standing position strapped on as well.

The neck profile and specs: the neck, right in between a P and a J, and the profile is shallow D. So that means comfy and very easy to get around. When I measured it was around 1 5/8 at the nut. String spacing is .75" or 19mm.

Electronics, clean. The pickup is custom wound to Gamma specs, and the sound coming out of it sits perfectly between vintage P and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders. Able to pull more growl out of this then any P bass I've ever owned. Since I play some stuff the Jam/Bruce Foxton, that was nice to hear. Growl is one of the few things most basses don't do well. This one does.

Build. Nice. Clean construction. If I had to describe the construction, I'd say right between Fender US and Sadowsky Japan. Which means no gaps, clean and crisp joints, and well mounted electronics. Solid. The knobs and pots all firmly mounted, no play in the hole.

The hardware is top notch. The vintage style bridge is nice and tight. This might be due to the 4 bolt/screw attachment that is on all 4 corners. This is slightly different then the Fender vintage mounting scheme.

Now, back to the sound. Played through a Hartke LH 500 head set at bass=3, mid=9,  treble=2. That is flat for this rig.
With the volume and tone controls all the way up, it sings. Sharp attack, like I said before some growl, with a presence. Rolling the tone of about a third yields a very usable Rickenbacker like tone. Rolling the tone completely off definitely makes the bass sound very early P bass-y. not exactly like it had flats on it but definitely you could do a reasonable emulation of Motown or Stax Volt.

With the controls all the way up, you can get some usable slap tones out of it. Like most P basses, slapping is not its best characteristic, but the specially wound pickups do give this bass a little more of that J character. But, I don't really slap, so this is not an issue with me at all. If slapping is your forte, then a Gamma Custom with two J-style pickups is probably more to your liking."

 - Tom Richards, Nashville, TN  (REST IN PEACE!)


"Joey's attention to detail is second to none. My custom Gamma Omega Model is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and more. I've been putting it through its paces for over 3 years now, and despite the blood and the sweat, it just keeps coming back for more. Never needed so much as a setup, the intonation has been spot on from the minute I picked it up. Couldn't imagine life without my Gamma - thanks Joey!"

- Ben Edwards, Liverpool, England


"About 4 years ago, I first spoke to Joey Milstein on the phone. He had been recommended to me from some good folks over at TalkBass.com. After all of my questions, they insisted, “Call Joey. He’s the man to build the bass you want.”

The following day, I called Joey; the conversation as if we’d known each other for years! We talked about the process and how it all worked, and somehow I knew that I’d be getting a stellar instrument before it had even been conceived. He kept in touch, with emails and photos of the build as it came along. What showed up to my doorstep a few weeks later was nothing short of amazing.

My Gamma Custom J-14 in Retro Sonic Blue gets all the attention when I’m onstage. It has one of the most comfortable necks of any bass I’ve ever played, and the J-shaped body is beautifully balanced. That I was able to get a custom-made instrument of this caliber for less than any decent assembly-line instrument from any chain-store is nothing short of a miracle.

And did I mention that Joey offers better customer service than any of the “big guys”? Bottom line, Joey Milstein is the real deal. He is a decent and caring human being who consistently delivers more than what anyone expects.

I’m a proud double Gamma Custom bass owner (the second with a magnificent October Pink P style!) and continue to sing Joey’s praises wherever my travels take me." 

- Howard Rabach, Arlington, VA


"The sound is fantastic, it carries my hammer-ons in ways I've never had a bass do before, beautiful strong and punchy. Perfect! The bass sounds absolutely phenomenal! Thank you so much!!

- Manya Kuzemchenko, Los Angeles, CA


"...after owning my new Gamma bass for a few weeks, I finally got time to plug it in and rip some tunes!! (family and life priorities,LOL)....I am VERY impressed by the light weight, easy playing -  even with a permanent hand injury... Great sounding precision style bass. Really thinking about buying another one.. Great bass.. I REALLY recommend buying one,.... or 4 :-)."

 - Shawn Roberts, Alberta, Canada


"Gamma bass is an unbelievably reliable brand from my experience. I have had mine for about 6 years and have not experienced any issues since the day I got it. Incredibly clean sound and beautiful design. This bass is very valuable to me and highly recommended! Thanks Joe!"

- Gary Gorski, Marlboro, NJ


"Such a beauty! Sounds great even on shitty rehearsal room amp! Sound is dead on! 

Also, reeeeeeally comfortable neck compared to my old P. Exactly what I wanted from around the world.   I'm very happy today! Thank you once again, Joey!"

- Dmitry Kirshanov [Дмитрий Киршанов], Korolev, RUSSIA


"Glad to be here!  Took her out for rehearsal for the first time and she performed great!"

 - Jough Loosmore, Baltimore, MD


"I’ve owned several Gamma basses, both Alpha and Beta, fretted and fretless, and the same thing keeps happening. Another player sees my Gamma, tries it, loves it and wants to buy it. And that’s why I’ve had several of them (six I believe). Joey’s basses are great – wonderfully lightweight, with smooth necks and great sounding – and those custom colors are terrific.  Gamma Custom Basses are well worth the investment."
- Ron Beckman, Milwaukee, WI


 "Joey has always been a long time supporter of the band [Straight To Hell - Clash Tribute Band], but Gamma really blew me outta the water when they created a custom Joe Strummer Tele. Matching the specs to the original, PLUS the pleasant surprise of including the same stickers Joe had on his tele makes it the full package, couldn’t ask for more. Fast fretboard and neck really makes it the perfect gigging guitar. Everyone in the band uses and supports Gamma!"


- Dan Miura, Brooklyn, NY


 "This GAMMA Bass is really nice.  Looks great, and sounds great..I can even see the texture of the wood.  Playing in my punk band for 2 years already, some touring around Russia, preparing new album :) Played many shows with this bass, always sounds great, puts nicely in the mix with his punchy character. Other people (bassists or not) frequently ask about this bass :) So I think you simply cant find better instrument for this price. Cheers & Thank you from Russia."

- Mikhail Pautov, [Михаил Паутов], Belgorod, RUSSIA


 "My Gamma P16 "Purple Haze" Custom Bass Rocks! The play-ability and good looks combined with great service and "factory direct" pricing make this an unbelievable combination!"


- John Cummings, Westerville, OH


"I remember contacting Joey couple years back to get my first GAMMA Bass, and now I'm on my 3rd one. I could not resist the slick finish of the neck that makes playability so enjoyable. Beautiful looking basses assembled with premium hardware and best choice of woods in the market give the sound quality that any bass player out there would want. To anyone seeing this, please try "GAMMA Basses" before trying anything else..."

- Pierre Jean-Francois, Brooklyn, NY


"After watching Joey turn out beautiful bass guitar after beautiful bass guitar, I decided I had to own one. My first purchase was an Alpha P-14 in polar white, with an ultra slim J neck and a slab style P body. It was one of the lightest, most comfortable P style basses I had ever experienced playing. I just had to have a Beta J now, to complete my arsenal. The second purchase was my Beta J-14 in Retro Sonic Blue, equipped with one of the slimmest J-neck profiles I have ever wrapped my hands around. With a tonal range from soft growling jazz tones to the brightest and punchiest mud cutting sonic assault, it's a J like none of the other world renowned brand basses in my collection. Both GAMMA basses are top notch in build quality, tone, appearance and playability. I'd highly recommend a GAMMA Custom Bass Guitar to anyone looking for a superior quality instrument at a mid-level price. They just can't be beat. Did I mention they are light? Keep on building monster basses, Joey!!!!"

- Lew Walther, Rockaway, NJ


"I love my Gamma Custom "Psychedelic Bruce" J17 bass.  The action is sweet and fast.  I'm blown away by the tone of this masterpiece every time I play it.  I own many active eq basses and this is the best sounding passive bass I've ever played."

- Richie Glicksman, Long Beach, NY


"Quando conheci os baixos Gamma me impressionei! Tanto com a qualidade, acabamento e o som do instrumento! Sem dúvidas é meu instrumento principal e não troco ele por nenhuma marca. Joseph foi muito atencioso e fez meu sonho se tornar realidade !"

["When I met Gamma bass I was impressed! Both with the quality, finish and sound of the instrument! No doubt it is my main instrument and I do not change it for any brand. Joseph was very attentive and made my dream come true!"]

- Davi Caldas Barreto, Sao Paulo, Brazil 


"I’ve always been a fan of the Jazz style basses, so when I got the chance to have my own signature Gamma, I jumped right on it! Straight out of the bag, this baby just felt right, and I’ve used it on every recording I’ve played bass on, whether it’s Hail Action!, Mick66, or random solo tunes. She definitely got put through her paces during my most recent work with Hail Action! On our new EP, “The Dead Essex.” With the help of my Plexi head and Benjamin Powell’s studio magic, we squeezed some serious Lemmy tones out of her. Trust Joe. He’ll do you right!"

- Mick Lucifer Royale, NYC


"Living and playing bass In Chicago, before I moved to Florida, I was a nervous sort..walking into clubs with my armada of an old Fender, a Lakland fretless etc. made me want to put on a holster first..during breaks I couldn't relax in fear my coveted gear would walk out the door. Hizzoner Rahm had other crimes to worry about..

So I hear about Gamma..bespoke basses, light, economical - and unknown to the masses. I get me two. A Beta first to get that great JBass sound, and then a few months later my now beloved Alpha..Stella Blue.

With the advice of Joey M we took some time to put the right materials together. First off a beautiful blue body, and then the glorious fat boy C shaped neck. If you want to have that PBass feel you gotta have the fat boy..then we experimented with pups..the first set didn't quite deliver, so we upgraded to a more trad set of Seymour Dunkins PBass pups..now we're talking..then, of course, FWs..thumpity LaBella Deep Bass..

So up the steps of the clubs I walked with my smokin' Stella Blue Alpha..heads turned to hear it..and the thieving eyes moved on to the guitar player's Fenders...serves 'em right..always stepping on my bass solos..

Gamma basses give you an opportunity to experiment and dial into what's needed for an affordable price...hey, and you can talk Joey into a free T-Shirt too!"

- Ted Fordney, Bradenton, FL 


"Gamma is like no other bass company- the quality of their product is only comparable to the outstanding community you join when you buy one. My psycho pink bass is the perfect investment in my music career and I love seeing everyone go crazy for the awesome paint job and superb sound!"

- Alexa Rory, Merrick, NY


"I bought a Gamma Beta J13-06 from Joey back in 2013. The J13 has similar dimensions to a Fender Jazz bass. The Gamma J13 had replaced both my Fender American Jazz Deluxe bass, as well as my Fender MIM Jazz bass. Over the years, I’ve bought and sold between 15-20 different basses, but I still use the Gamma J13 today. It’s one of my all-time favorites and here’s why…..

  • I’ve found Gamma basses to be one of the best values for the money. Where else can you get a custom bass for these prices?
  • My Beta J13 feels absolutely fantastic in my hands. I’m not exactly sure why, but it does. I also believe that I play songs better with this bass than with most of my others.
  • It sounds great! The pick-ups are awesome….some of the best I’ve ever heard.
  • It weighs only 8.5 lbs. As a gigging musician, this is an extremely important feature.
  • It looks great and I got the exact color that I wanted. (Alder quicksilver body, finished in metallic gloss)

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my Gamma bass and it’s held up very well over the years. Joey has been a pleasure to deal with. I’ve found him to be honest, transparent and timely in his responses to questions."

Mike Corso, Wall Township, NJ


"The Gamma Alpha is by far one of the most solid basses I've used. Between the build, the insane pick-ups and customer service there is no reason for me to look anywhere else for my next bass."

- Phil Van Valkenburg, Poulsbo, WA


"Nothing like playing a Gamma!!! They play like "butter"..."

- James Beckwith IV, West Chester, PA


"I’ve been playing my Gamma J [Beta Model] for going on 5 years. It goes to every gig, either as my #1 or #2. Weighs in at about 7 pounds and is actually the only unlined fretless Gamma I've seen. Thanks Joey, as this one is an obvious keeper."

Doc Snyder, Snowflake, AZ


"Big thanks to Joey for the two beautiful Gamma custom bass guitars. I have a Pink Breast Cancer Tribute bass that was customized for me and it delivers for sure! Model P12-21. I also have a very unique single cut custom LP 14-22 this one really stands out, beautiful blue color and really great body shape. Both basses are well made and sound really good. Nicely balanced, no neck dive, the pick ups sound great as well. I'm a fan and will be getting another sometime soon!! My bands are The Hixon, Splashing Violet, Street Machine and Solo Bass Artist.   Thanks brother, you kick ass!"

- Flip Martorano. Laurel Springs, NJ


"My GAMMA Alpha Bass is Marina Green with Maple inlaid neck. This is my always go to guitar. Joey tells everyone how well they play, but you have got to hear the pickups on this bass - they will blow you away!"

 - Paul McGinness, New Rochelle, NY


"I have been a GAMMA customer since 2015. I am absolutely satisfied with every aspect of GAMMA. The bass has some of the best tone around. It feels and plays great. An absolutely beautiful instrument as well. I also have to compliment Joey on his great customer service and support. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and has kept in touch since. That means a lot to me. That's the kind of thing that separates awesome companies from good companies. Keep up the good work Joey! I look forward to working with you in the near future."

- Derek Lester, Monticello, KY


"I Bought this "GAMMA" from Joey in 2015 to support October breast cancer awareness. One sweet J-style bass."

- Frank Bailey, Spring Valley, NV


"Great tone, perfect craftsmanship!   I wouldn't trust anyone else to build my signature series "The Beast”! Satisfaction guaranteed!!!"

RC Ciejak, Rochester, NY


"Until recently, I’ve always found the perfect j bass to be a myth. Never found one that “fit”, either the balance was off, or the electronics need work, or the weight was crippling. Then I got my bass body from Joe at Gamma!   Perfect fit, perfect tone, perfect balance! Finally I have the Jazz bass of my dreams, all thanks to Joe! My bandmates won’t even let me play any of my other basses now!"

- Nathan Ballein, Fife, WA


"My new Blue Sparkling Gamma J style (Beta Model) bass has all the punch and clarity of an instrument that should cost 5 times as much. It weighs in at just a little over 7 lbs and saves my back on the longer late night gigs."

- Kyle Ross, Lanett, AL


"After getting my hands on my Custom GAMMA J16, it instantly became my go-to bass of choice. Not only is it eye-catching (I lost count of how many compliments I've received), but the sound and play-ability are top notch. Playing in a power trio, I need a bass with a fat, foundational tone that doesn't sacrifice those smooth J-Bass qualities. With the GAMMA custom pick-ups, this bass does exactly that. Even with the loudest guitar, I can cut through the mix when needed. If that wasn't enough, GAMMA necks are second to none. There was no adjustment period. The play-ability was effortless right away, and like any well-crafted axe, it feels like an extension of the player. Make no mistake, these are instruments made for serious bass players by a serious bass player. Joey knows what a gigging musician is looking for, and the quality, passion, and pride are all evident from the first moment you pick up a GAMMA. GAMMA for life!"

- Sean Foster, South Plainfield, NJ 


"I absolutely love my GAMMA J17 bass.  Tons of MOJO!  Thanks!"

 - Dano Reible, Charleston, Illinois


"My GAMMA Bass has been my go-to bass for gigs. I think because after 10 or so drinks it is incapable of playing a wrong note. Sure there are a few "happy accidents", but never a wrong note. The dots on the neck have more contrast than my Fender so I can tell where I'm at even in the blurriest scenarios. I often see videos of myself playing my GAMMA bass, performing flawlessly, even if I'm black out drunk. I love my GAMMA bass."

- Barni Joe, Bremerton, WA


"The work of my friend Joey is fantastic! Always with improvements and innovations.  His instruments are works of art with great quality and a fantastic price.   Joey, I love your GAMMA basses, yeah!"

- Jose Dantas, Lisbon, Portugal 


"As the owner of many basses, it used to be a difficult decision process deciding which one to take for a gig. Since I got my Gamma, that decision has become a lot easier. Joe is making basses the way you want them, not the way hundreds of mass produced basses are made. I'm looking into a 2nd Gamma now... so the decision process may get difficult again! Thanks Joe and Gamma!!!"

 - Kevin Wilkes, Fairless Hills, PA


"I was looking for a 'classic' bass and found out about Gamma almost by accident . Deciding to give it a try worked out better than I could have imagined . It's got the feel and great looks of the top instruments on the market . The sound is a perfect balance , strong and even from string to string . It's a price point that any serious player can still afford . Glad I took that chance on it . "

- Bruce Diamond, (Owner- Diamond Strings), Rochester, NY


"Gamma Basses : When you want that Classic Tone and Look, without the Classic Price!!!!"


- Michael Albronda, Phil Jones Bass Amplification.


"I want to tell everyone that my Gamma 5 string is wonderful. I have many basses, all high dollar basses including Warwick, Musicman, Fender and more. My Gamma has become my "go-to" bass for everything. It is also very good in the studio. Records clear and punchy love the tone. My name is Don Black and I tell everyone to check out the Gamma line of basses."

- Don Black, Fairfield, OH


"I used to play a Stingray and a Fretless Fender J. I wanted to get a fairly inexpensive p bass to add to the collection, but I couldn't find one that I was really pleased with. I stumbled across Gamma, decided to give them a shot, and I've never looked back since. Sold my Stingray, and I never touch my Fender anymore. The Gamma Alpha is the go to every time, and Joey takes excellent care of his customers. I can't wait to add one of his amazing Betas to my collection as well!"

- Todd Brannon, Waldorf, MD


"I had not picked up another bass since I acquired my GAMMA, Beta Model. For yucks, I put down my GAMMA in favor of my Fender Geddy Lee. The GAMMA plays and sounds better than my GL, and it is noticeably lighter. I have gone back to my GAMMA.

I like my Beta so much that I have purchased an Alpha! I can't wait for delivery.

The value here is incredible. Plus, Joey is a great guy. You cannot go wrong with a GAMMA Bass."

- Bob Petix, Hampton, CT


"For those of you unfamiliar with the Gamma basses, Joey makes these ... custom basses ... at a very reasonable price point. I had never heard of them until I traded for a Gamma Beta (Jazz bass) a few years back. After playing the Beta for a few weeks, I sold all of my other basses, including an fretless AmStd P-Bass and a G&L L2000 with a custom aftermarket fretless neck, and ordered an Alpha [Fretless]."

- Adam Lake, Eugene, OR


"It is INDEED a great playing machine!  Thanks, Joey"

- Christian Zalewski, Newport Beach, CA


"Thanks Joey, I love it! So glad I finally got one!"
- Adam Zluchowski, Mountain Top, PA


"If you're looking for a captivating tone and/or versatility then look no further. This GAMMA bass is built to last a lifetime on the road and on demanding performances. When you think of outstanding customer service you think of Joey and they way he strives to make you a happy bassist. He, and GAMMA, will meet your standards better than most major companies in the music industry."

- Rene Venegas, Laredo, TX
"You are a true Gentleman and a Bass Guitar Gear God!"

- Chris Fresco, Long Isle, NY 


"For some crazy reason I assembled a list of my 26 most influential bass players. (There is a reason for 26.  ) Over half of the players were regular P Bass users. I didn't have a P bass. Through Joey and Gamma Custom bass guitars I've rectified that rather serious omission. An Alpha P17-07 arrived on my doorstep on July 4th Holiday Weekend. Oh the irony - I'm British. .  

I slapped on a set of EB Colbalt Flats and

..... Jamerson? No problem
...... Pino? Yep
...... Rainey? Even the hide yourself from Donald Fagen Slap bits
...... Maby? Absolutely nails Joe Jackson 'Beat Crazy'

OK, I think I understand the 'P bass' thing now.

The bass is incredibly light, about 7.5 pounds. The fit and finish is exemplary. The neck feels great. And it sounds wonderful. No anemic, 'sort of sounds like a P bass' from this baby.

My bass was about half the price of a USA 'F' bass.

Oh and the man really knows about customer service. 

- Simon Bowkett, Nottingham, England


"The hardest part of owning multiple Gammas is which one to play. Love both of mine. Have an Alpha and Beta. Even got one for my girlfriend who plays bass as well. Amazing basses."

- Ryan Hrehowsik, Perth Amboy, NJ 


"My Gamma bass has been a dream. I always wanted an American Fender bass, but it was out of my reach financially. Well, it turns out that Joey makes a bass that is BETTER than an American Fender, and it costs less, too! This bass is light, easy to play, and has punchy pickups that cut right through the band's mix like a knife. Our sound guy has never been happier and I have never been happier. I doubt I'll ever play another bass for the rest of my life. Thanks, Joey!"

- Nick Frese, Blackwood, NJ